Reggae Artist Nesbeth ventures into crowdfunding to launch album A.M.E.N.
Jamaican singer is offering musical healing in a message of social change, love and inspiration to those who are going through a hard time


For Immediate Release
17 February 2018

The world of crowdfunding is today the launch pad for the pre-release of A.M.E.N., the debut album of reggae artist Nesbeth, one of Jamaica’s most inspiring artists for the elder and younger generations alike. Nesbeth is known for his socially conscious music, the singer has become an even more inspiring example for his many fans after dealing with bereavement repeatedly in his life.
This never altered his balance, he instead used these sad events to turn into life-changing opportunities to grow stronger and inspire others.

“That is the message of this album”, Nesbeth said. “My wife, Ann Marie, to whom I’m dedicating A.M.E.N. A.M.E.N is also Annmarie’s initials. She always seemed to have all the love and faith in the world to show and share with others. Her bright smile could light up a room and while she has been gone for almost two years, her smile lives on, and it will live on even more strongly through this special album”, the singer stated.

Nesbeth suffered the loss of his mother, his wife and sister in close succession, this could disrupt anyone’s life. Still, instead of giving in to despair, the Jamaican artist found the strength he needed to support the couple’s children, to overcome the challenges of being a single parent, and to go on being the positive influencer, impacting the very large community of young followers that he has.

“I had to turn these events into powerful growth experiences. My wife has left so many memories and so much love, that I was able to keep going based on every beautiful thing that she gave me. She taught me how to embrace the hardship that I experienced throughout my life and to learn to grow from it. I knew I had to help others do the same because there are a lot of people out there who are dealing with loss and so many other difficult challenges. So A.M.E.N. is for them, as much as it is my way of telling Annmarie that I will always love her, and yet another opportunity to sing about the better and fairer world that we all want to live in”, Nesbeth emotionally commented.

This album is based on Nesbeth’s solid career in the reggae world and builds on the singer’s previous experience with releasing ‘Victory’, a 5-song EP that had a strong impact on the singer’s fans and reggae lovers. The large community of Nesbeth’s followers have found his musical message an important and Nesbeth would like to think that he has helped shape so many characters while also offering them meaningful music with a remarkable flow and a touching message.

The A.M.E.N. crowdfunding campaign is being launched today on IndieGogo, at Amen Nesbeth, and it is seeking to raise $22,000 to cover the album and video production costs, as much as the marketing expenses to get A.M.E.N.’s message out. Backers are being offered pre-release access to the songs and to the full album, along with a number of other rewards that promise to be enticing for Nesbeth’s audience.
10% of funds raised will also be going to cancer research.

For more information, please contact Person Shanika Dobson on 447508882797, or at, or visit campaign

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