Locally, Nesbeth is on an island-wide campaign to bring social awareness to school children and the impact their actions especially through the use of social media.

As a way of giving back and promoting his new single Nesbeth has teamed up with F.M.H the Producer of his latest single Success Story….The Success Story challenge is aimed at school kids in Jamaica….. The Objective of this challenge is to Promote and maintain attainment amongst the school population

The idea of a challenge is fun and engaging for the students giving them a platform to expose themselves in a positive way.This challenge seeks to distinguish itself merly by the lyrical content and message of the song.We trust that as students partake they will some how tune in to the message of the song and believe in it’s mantra ( I am a success story) .” that they can be a success story

As an incentive there is a Cash prize of $80,000 Jamaican dollars to be won …find out more details @Nesbethreggae


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